Advanced Practice Nursing: Setting New Paradigm for Care in the 21st Century.


Advanced Practice Nursing: Setting a New Paradigm for Care in the 21st Century, features eight case studies ranging from a nurse midwife,  hospice nurse, rural based health nurse, retail nurse, school-based nurse, director of all NPs at the University of Michigan, two certified nurse anesthetists, and a cancer nurse.  


The book differs from other nurse practitioner books because it offers real life case studies with specific questions at the end of each chapter featuring questions and actions for nurse practitioners. It is distinctive because it offers for certain patient populations; APNs provide the best care for patients at reasonable costs, how nurse practitioners work hard to follow through on clinical needs, the Doctor of Nurse Practitioner (DNP) will help Universities provide good faculty, how nurses can empower themselves to provide the best research and good care.  Advanced Practice Nursing examines how innovative leaders such as these are moving the field of advanced practice nursing forward, illustrates how they are meeting patient needs in daily practice, and ends with a call for nurses to empower themselves to make change happen.


The eight nurse practitioners offer their own action steps, stemming directly from their own experience. The topics cover areas of interest to APNs and each tip contains immediate and direct information on the following:

  • Structure and Billing
  • Visionary Leadership
  • Credibility and Trust
  • Inclusion and Collaboration
  • Empowering Patients
  • Political Wisdom
  • Operation Room Etiquette
  • Requirements for the DNP degree

My services include:

  • One-to-one coaching services
  • Senior team alignment
  • Team coaching
  • Leadership development workshops 
  • Nursing leadership programs
  • Physician coaching
  • Advance Practice Nurse coaching


Sydney Lentz, Ph.D. has been a GM executive, an organization development consultant, an executive coach, an adjunct faculty teaching leadership to the Doctor of Nurse Practitioners (DNP) program.  Dr. Lentz is currently offering an eight-month leadership program especially for nurse leaders.


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