Senior Team Alignment

Senior Team AlignmentDo all of your employees from the CEO to the janitor feel a pride on the impact they have on the patients they serve, the people they work with and the leaders they work under?  Does each and every employee feel like they matter?


Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do your employees understand how they all contribute to success?
  • Are you creating a vital and stimulating environment for all your staff?
  • Are you improving alignment across key healthcare policies and goals?
  • Are you improving your ability to think strategically in a very competitive environment?


Consulting Story

When an aggressive boss left a hospital, morale plummeted and executive committee had deep divisions.  I worked with the new CEO on lifting the spirits of the new leadership group.  After several team building sessions where people both confronted themselves and their fears as well as honored each other, they began the healing process.  Today, this hospital is engaged in a massive effort centered around caring and cultural differences.  The hospital is making a difference to all cultures, by recognizing and valuing each other as well as the different cultural communities. 


Senior Team Alignment Process:

  1. Data Gathering and Evaluation -- Evaluate current strengths and areas of growth as a basis for the alignment goals
  2. Team Assignment -- Use team leadership tools to evaluate the way the team works together
  3. Involvement in Planning -- Each senior team leader becomes involved developing solutions to the priority issues
  4. Tentative Solutions -- The team continues to involve everyone until everyone has spoken his or her piece
  5. Final Solutions -- The final solutions(s) must have the full buy-in of all