Nurse Leaders: Driving Change on the Front Lines of Care

Nursing Leadership ProgramsThe three most persistent problems facing nurse leaders today:

  • Providing safe, high-quality clinical care in the face of tighter budgets, shrinking reimbursements and pressures for wage concessions.
  • Establishing a culture where errors can be openly discussed without fear and treated as opportunities for improving patient care.
  • Lack of knowledge regarding billing practices and strategic priorities in the healthcare system.  

What you really want:

  • To be recognized and perform as a key member of the leadership team.
  • To utilize their deep understanding of clinical care to maximize quality, safety and satisfaction.
  • Methods to lead and influence others, as well as increase your technical skills.

The Solution:

  • The Nurse Leaders Program.  This powerful program gives nursing leaders, from the supervisor to chief nursing officer, the ability to create lasting partnerships with key internal stakeholders, from housekeeping staff, to physicians to the CEO.

  • The Nurse Leaders Program teaches leadership methods as well as providing important tools for determining a nurse's value, sharing quality statistics, understanding best practices, and setting high standards for both routine work and major projects.  


  • Build leadership strength by a systematic approach to development.
  • Learn powerful ways to influence and develop political skills.
  • Develop ways to make ethical choices without compromising integrity.
  • Develop a vision for the future of healthcare.
  • Manage organizational complexity through a governance system.
  • Shape better relationships with your team, fellow nursing peers, physicians and executive leadership.
  • Help others deal with difficult setbacks and still achieve your commitments.
  • Create your goals, aspirations and stace as a healthcare leader.