The Power of Positive Politics

Nursing Leadership ProgramsDo you have nurses who feel powerless and dominated by physicians and their hospital administration?  Do you have nurses who feel that politics is not their cup of tea?  I work with nurses to help them claim their power and exercise their leadership skills.


Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have nurses that work hard but feel they have unfulfilled potential?
  • Do you have nurses who want to claim their power but don't know how?
  • Do you have nurses that create meaningless conflict within their own ranks?
  • Do you have nurses that find it hard to reach out to other departments and create collaborative relationships?


Coaching Story

When I started with a nurse in a local hospital, she had allegations of verbal harassment from her team members and the H.R. Director and CEO wanted her gone.  I worked with this nurse over a nine-month period, focusing on her political skills.  Together we worked on positioning her ideas favorably with her team, with the HR Director and with the CEO.  We worked on transforming negative views from physicians, her team, and the executive team to positive views.  The work paid off and now she has been promoted to the Chief Nursing Officer of another hospital. 


The Power of Positive Politics Outcomes

  • Test your political IQ
  • Explore the myths about politics
  • Recognize that it is a game you have to play
  • Define politics - success depends upon fostering good relationships
  • Examine what it takes to be considered a key player
  • Explore the sources of power in organizations
  • Investigate what it takes to be politically savvy
  • Understand political equity by defining political culture
  • Develop your personal action plan