Team Coaching

Team CoachingWorking in a team can also be an exhilerating experience, where the time flies by because you are having fun and everyone is focused on one goal - that of improving the company.  Are you giving ownership on projects to the team and asking them to set a vision and provide the best course of action to achieve that vision?  


Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the team create small wins that will eventually lead too much bigger wins?  
  • Do you provide all the training and support necessary to achieve the big goal for improving the company? 
  • Does the team cooperate and readily help each other?
  • Does the team confront each other in an appropriate manner?


Exective Team Story

I, along with three other coaches, developed an internal coaching process that covered a six-month period of time for a local bank and an insurance company. The process combined personal coaching, training on being a coach, support for the coaching of others and advanced training on how to handle difficult coaching situations. Participants praised the program as instrumental in helping them learn the difference between being a leader who gives direction, a mentor who gives advice, and a coach who asks questions.  As a result, their leadership improved and they were in a better position to truly help their direct reports and their peers.


Team Coaching Process:

  1. Data Gathering and Evaluation - Evaluate current strengths and areas of growth as a basis for the team coaching goals
  2. Team Assessment - Use team leadership tools to evaluate the way the team works together
  3. First Learning Session - Sharing of the benchmarking and leadership assessment data
  4. Individual Coaching Sessions - Each leader receives a set number of coaching sessions
  5. Second Learning Session - Sharing  of team insights and presentations on topic of mutual interest
  6. This process can go on as long as is desired
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