Senior Team Alignment

When you work in a senior team, you need to perform at peak levels, with a strong vision, deep collaboration, respect for the skills of each member and alignment across all key business goals. 


Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the vision for your company make your team members feel genuine pride?
  • Does each of your senior team leaders feel appreciated for what they contribute?
  • Do your leaders trust you for what you bring to the table?  Do you trust them for what they bring?
  • Is there alignment across all of your business areas with strong collaboration among your directors?


Consulting Story

A major hospital was struggling with team collaboration and showing appreciation for others.  I worked with this team to set a strong vision for the future of healthcare, a vision for which everyone can feel pride. The leadership team set big-picture goals, recognized the value of working together to reach that vision.  The team developed and nutured relationships with nurses, physicians and senior leaders by understanding their needs and recognizing the power of favors.  This team has now gone through a transformation and continues to flourish.  


Senior Team Alignment Process:

  1. Data Gathering and Evaluation - Evaluate current strengths and areas of growth as a basis for the alignment goals
  2. Team Assessment - Use team leadership tools to evaluate the way the team works together
  3. Involvement in Planning - Each senior team leader becomes involved developing solutions to the priority issues
  4. Show Appreciation - Show appreciation for small wins as they build towards the final vision.
  5. Final Solutions - The final solution(s) must have the full buy-in of all

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