Leadership Coaching

Leadership CoachingLearning the steps of leading change is easy; what is hard is developing a character of integrity and respect.  In the end, leadership comes down to honesty, a confident will and relationships.

I will answer such questions as:

  • How can you be thought of as fair, equitable and honest about what you do and how you do it? 
  • How to turn around a highly politicized environment within which you can comfortably work? 
  • How do you create a compelling work environment where people want to come to work? 
  • How do you inspire people to take pride in their work and go beyond what anyone thought possible?


Coaching Story

When I first started working with a young high-potential banking executive, he was frustrating his team mates and could not get cooperation from his boss on major projects.  I worked with him on turning his frustrated colleagues into positive relationships and getting his boss to fully back his projects.  As a CFO of the bank, he was able to cut-out major expenses and move forward on initiatives with a high yield return.  He is now up for a Treasury position at the Corporate Office and it is because he is now so focused on mutually respectful associations.


Coaching Process:

  1. Enrollment and Relationship Building - Building the trust necessary to establish a good coaching fit
  2. Development of Coaching Goals - Developing  coaching goals to fit individual and organization needs
  3. Assessment and Feedback - Reviewing leadership assessments, e.g. 360 data, leadership style data and deriving themes
  4. Finalization of Coaching Goals with Boss - Finalize the coaching goals with the boss or board chair in the case of a CEO
  5. Coaching to the Plan - Coach to the plan, assign homework at the end of each session to review at the following session
  6. Closure, Evaluation and Next Steps - Close the process, evaluate progress and define additional development steps.

For further information on how I can coach your executives, please contact me at sydney.lentz@gmail.com.

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